ECCO 2018: European Cancer Summit



"Coming together is a beginning 
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success"

Henry Ford 
  ECCO 2018 Resolutions

The ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit is much more than a coming-together of leaders in the cancer policy field. By forming high level resolutions on the organisation of cancer care, the Summit represents an important ‘working together’ of diverse stakeholder interests, creating and expressing new consensus on the change required within European health systems to deliver the best care to cancer patients.

Summit resolutions will be formed on the subjects of:

  • Integration of Cancer Care
  • Quality of Cancer Care
  • Survivorship

These will take the form of time-based targets for improvement, supported by assignment of responsibilities for achieving the goal, and underpinned by tools to aid implementation.

Draft versions of the resolutions developed in consultation with ECCO member societies, key thought-leaders and opinion-formers throughout 2018 will be published for consultation in advance of the Summit.

The outcome will be a powerful charter, and roadmap, for organisational improvement in all European health systems.

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