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NEWS: The EU Cancer Mission broadens representation with further ECCO inclusion

The European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) is pleased to announce that its President-Elect Dr Matti Aapro has been confirmed as a member of the new EU Cancer Mission Assembly. 

The Cancer Mission Assembly is comprised of 25 leading representatives from across the cancer care spectrum and will work to support the EU Cancer Mission Board with advice and expert insight throughout the duration of the Mission.

Also appointed to the Cancer Mission Assembly are Prof Thierry Philip, President of ECCO member the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI), and Jan Geißler, member of the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee (ECCO PAC). Already appointed to the EU Cancer Mission Board are ECCO Board Member Prof Regina Beets-Tan, former ECCO President Prof Martine Piccart and former ECCO Board Member Prof Ruth Ladenstein.  

Commenting on his appointment to the Mission Assembly, ECCO President-Elect Dr Matti Aapro said:

“The European Commission has recognised the important contribution that a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional organisation such as ECCO can provide to the EU Cancer Mission’s future success. Amongst the items of advice I will be providing is that the Mission must be ambitious, set precise and tangible goals, and ensure that also the needs of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as cancer survivors, are recognised and included in its scope.”  

ECCO President Philip Poortmans said: 

“As a federation, representing our 27 Member Societies is at the heart of what we do. All of our members and the 17 patient organisations represented in our Patient Advisory Committee, have a ready conduit for their hopes and concerns for the EU Cancer Mission through ECCO President-Elect Dr Matti Aapro.”  

Mike Morrissey, ECCO Chief Executive added: 

“By embarking on the EU Cancer Mission the European Commission has heard the appeals of our community to reconnect the EU to the priorities of citizens by focusing on cancer, which in an increasing number of countries of Europe is the leading cause of mortality. So much potential exists in this area to achieve remarkable improvements, such as achieving 70% average long-term survival for patients with cancer by 2035 and other recommended goals from the cancer community. Now is not a time to be shy in ambition!”  


Notes to Editors

1. Missions are one of the main novelties of Horizon Europe. By addressing important societal challenges, such as cancer and climate change, through ambitious but realistic research and innovation activities, they will make clear to citizens how the EU can make a real difference in their lives and in society as a whole. They boost the impact of EU-funded research and innovation by mobilising investment and EU wide efforts around measurable and time-bound goals around issues that affect citizens’ daily lives. More information on EU Cancer Mission here.

2. More information on the EU Cancer Mission Assembly here.

3. More information on Matti Aapro here.

4. More information on the 70:35 Survivorship Goal here.

5. Other recommended goals for the Mission from the ECCO community include:

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